What you should know before going to a Fado show

What you should know before going to a Fado show

01 January, 1970

The city of Porto offers a variety of shows and experiences for those who appreciate Fado.

Its houses, spread throughout the heart of the city, promise tourists and residents the best traditional Fado that can be sung here.
Be it in the late afternoon with a traditional concert, during dinner with live shows or even during a Fado Vadio show, in these places you can hear the best Fado singers and guitarists of the city.

Fado should be heard in Silence
Being Fado an essentially auditory experience, its performances should be heard in silence. The noise created by people's voices during the shows can reduce the quality of the music and harm the intimate relationship that is created between the Fadista and the audience in most venues.
Also, background noise can confuse both the fadista and his guitarists who create the melodies. The noise can also disturb those who enjoy this type of show in silence.

Cell phone use
Although the use of cell phones is allowed during Fado shows, the audience should confirm that the devices are in silence. If you intend to take a picture or make a recording, make sure the flash is off.
The audience should be aware that continuous use of cell phones during a performance may be considered disrespectful to the fado singers, so use them sparingly.

Unlike what happens during traditional Portuguese music concerts, in Fado shows it is not advisable that the audience accompany the Fadista with applause. This act can hinder when creating a relationship between the fadista and the public and confuse the artists who make the rhythm.
Thus, we advise the audience to clap only at the end of each song to show that they are enjoying the show.

Singing with the fadista
Unless the fadista asks the audience to accompany him during a song, this practice is inadvisable. This is because the sound of the audience's singing can interfere with the Fadista's interpretations. 

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