The first Fado recording was made in Porto

The first Fado recording was made in Porto

01 January, 1970

The Alentejo José Moças, collector and responsible for the Tradisom label, guarantees to have in his possession the "first known fado recording", made in November 1900 in Porto.

"It is a 78-record record and is part of a set of more than 80 recordings of which 67 have been discovered to date," he says. "I have four of those records, two of which are fado: the Fado Hilaryo, interpreted by Duarte Silva, and Oh Julia, by José Brito." The record was made by William Sinkler Darby, a British sound engineer who passed through Porto in 1900. "The British connection to Porto was old, because of the wine, and maybe that explains why he went there. It was a trip to continental Europe to publicize the apparatus that made recordings, then the engineer went on to Madrid. He was working for Berliner, which later became EMI."

Adelino Duvall

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